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Agrello, Polymath, and Smart Contract Legal Agreements for Tokenized Securities

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Agrello, Polymath, and Smart Contract Legal Agreements for Tokenized Securities

Polymath is pleased to announce our exploratory collaboration with Agrello (DLT), an Estonian legal technology company offering blockchain-based smart agreement solutions.

Agrello’s blockchain-based smart agreement solutions represent state-of-the-art KYC, ID, and digital signature services.

Issuers and investors on the Polymath platform could execute agreements with Agrello’s legally binding smart contracts.

“A partnership with Polymath will allow us to showcase Agrello’s cutting-edge KYC and digital signature services in the highly regulated financial industry,” said Agrello CEO and Co-Founder, Hando Rand.

Agrello digital contracts could change how people interact with each other, as well as legal authorities. The team shares our vision of smart contract systems being successfully implemented in heavily regulated environments such as the security token ecosystem.

As the interface between financial securities and the blockchain, Polymath simplifies the complex technical and legal challenges of a successful token launch.

Our open-source network already features exploratory collaborations with some of the biggest names in crypto including BnkToTheFuture and SelfKey, among others. While we’re advising the tZERO ICO, we also manage one of the largest Telegram groups in crypto.

Polymath’s security token protocol embeds KYC verification into the tokens themselves, which makes tokens transferable only between authorized participants. By attaching participant’s identities to their wallet addresses, you can create a system where tokens can only go to addresses that belong to authorized participants.

Thanks to such baked-in token restrictions, decentralized exchanges can now facilitate the trading of securities, and issuers can rest assured that their tokens are not held by unauthorized participants.

As the future standard for securities tokens, our security token protocol greatly improves the world of equity, LP shares, and share units by turning them into programmable tokens.

When done properly, tokenized securities could offer a more accessible, more liquid, and more secure form of asset ownership.

By partnering with Agrello, Polymath will help power the next generation of securities tokens to launch the securities token revolution.

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