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The volatility of crypto markets is often exacerbated by social media and the nature of unregulated publishing on a grand scale. When cryptocurrencies started to explode in 2017 pumps and dumps were commonplace, occasionally initiated by a shill on a social platform. Altcoin markets have calmed down a little now and common trends seem to be affecting them all, however, marketing crypto is still big business for some. The McAfee Effect Self-styled crypto warlord John McAfee has revealed on his own website on a page called “The McAfee Effect” that he charges $105,000 for crypto tweets promoting an ICO or altcoin. Last...

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There have been plenty of opinions about the real value of cryptocurrencies. For some, it’s the replacement for fiat currency. Others see immense value in cryptocurrency’s ability to store value and function as an investment asset. Some have focused instead on the technology side, touting blockchain as a great leap forward towards how we create applications to better serve people. In this last regard, the crypto industry has become a great equalizer. Blockchain’s architecture—a decentralized and democratic mesh-like network—means that it eschews traditional structures that its centralized counterparts must abide by. For instance, the lack of centralization means that there...

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A drop in demand for graphics cards (GPUs) by the world's cryptocurrency miners could 'materially' impact AMD's chip business, the company disclosed this week. In its most recent 10-K annual filing, AMD - one of several firms to ride the recent wave of demand for GPUs (which are needed for the energy-intensive mining process) - highlighted how "the rise of cryptocurrency prices and the introduction of new cryptocurrencies created a demand for our GPUs in 2017." While the company offered no specific figures, the disclosure, published on Feb. 27, is in line with past predictions from AMD, which suggested near the...

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Cryptocurrencies are indeed a headache for banks as more of them are now opening up to the threat it poses to their business and survival.  JP.Morgan finally declares cryptocurrencies are a threat to their business for the first time in their annual report on Tuesday.   Sponsored JP.Morgan has featured in many cryptocurrency related news in the past weeks and months mostly for the negative reasons. After calling Bitcoin a fraud, it was clear Jamie Dimon didn’t see a fraud but saw a real threat when he made that statement. On Tuesday, JP Morgan released their annual report where the bank...

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