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Earlier this month, the cryptocurrency world witnessed a large-scale attempt to manipulate and rob the Binance funds leading to a drastic drop in of prices in the global cryptocurrency market. The hack lasted for 2 minutes and Binance had managed to halt all withdrawals immediately, ensuring a failed hack attempt. Binance had announced recently that anyone who would provide information leading to a legal arrest of the hackers would be rewarded with $250,000 bounty. They recently posted the progress of the hacker bounty on Twitter. Binance’s tweet regarding the Hacker Bounty They officially confirmed saying: “As a reminder, we would like to confirm to the community...

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The cryptocurrency industry is currently unregulated and uninsured, making it a haven for digital bandits to plunder and pillage. While there are techniques to safeguard against hacking and theft, some unprotected accounts are still exposed to breaches. Only a few weeks ago, a Japanese digital exchange was hit with what has been described as the biggest hack in cryptocurrency history. Coincheck Exchange admitted to halting sales and withdrawals of the currency, NEM, after hackers reportedly stole 58 billion yen (£385 million). According to the exchange, it would be paying back 46.3 billion yen (£305.7 million) to investors. This massive heist is coming...

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  A few hours ago, the entire Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market was panicking with all the coins drastically falling down, due to hack on Binance. Everything just went haywire. The entire community was perplexed by whom or what to trust. Binance just cleared all confusions reversing irregular trades and resumed trading amidst the hack confusions. March 7th will probably be unforgettable to the market enthusiasts as the 2 minutes period ransacked the entire cryptocurrency markets. All withdrawals were halted as soon as the automatic risk management system was triggered. This is when the large-scale phishing and stealing attempt came to light.    ...

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New email-based malware dubbed as ComboJack is targeting Japanese and American web surfers to steal cryptocurrency during transactions. Once installed and lurking in the background, the malware grabs the victim’s long cryptocurrency wallet address stored in the Windows clipboard. Due to their extreme length, many users simply copy and paste that string of characters, and that is when ComboJack attacks.    Sponsored Discovered by researchers at the Palo Alto Networks, it’s a variant of a cryptocurrency stealer called CryptoJack. It grabs the address of a victim’s cryptocurrency wallet coped to the clipboard and replaces it with the address of the hacker’s wallet....

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Hackers have discovered that the easiest and most direct way to steal cryptocurrency is to first steal phone numbers. Hijacked phone numbers are used to drain crypto accounts A growing number of online crimes begin with hackers persuading cellular phone companies to transfer a victim’s number to a device of their own. In many cases this allows the hacker to reset account passwords that use the phone number as a backup security measure gaining access to email, social media, and cryptocurrency accounts. Though many who have been hacked this way are reluctant to admit the crime even highly successful, technical savvy investors have...

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You’ve heard of online pop-up ads secretly mining Bitcoin on unsuspecting users’ computers but what about digital campaigns targeting high street shoppers? According to Terence Eden’s Blog, one of the large digital advertising displays that are common fixtures in big cities these days was hacked. Rather than displaying some commercial message from a global megabrand, the machine showed what was obviously a Windows operating system with a window labelled “NiceHash Miner Legacy” – a Bitcoin mining program designed for older machines. According to pictures from the website that reported the compromised machine, the digital advertising display is mining with a hash-rate of zero....

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