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Earlier this month, the cryptocurrency world witnessedĀ a large-scale attempt to manipulate and rob the BinanceĀ fundsĀ leading to a drastic drop in of prices in the global cryptocurrency market. The hack lasted for 2 minutes andĀ Binance had managed to halt all withdrawals immediately, ensuring a failed hack attempt. BinanceĀ had announced recently that anyone who would provide information leading to a legal arrest of the hackers wouldĀ be rewarded with $250,000 bounty. They recently posted the progress of the hacker bounty on Twitter. Binanceā€™s tweet regarding the Hacker Bounty They officially confirmed saying: ā€œAs a reminder, we would like to confirm to the community...

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Youā€™ve heard of online pop-up ads secretly mining Bitcoin on unsuspecting usersā€™ computers but what about digital campaigns targeting high street shoppers? According toĀ Terence Edenā€™s Blog, one of the large digital advertising displaysĀ thatĀ are common fixtures in big cities these days was hacked. Rather than displaying some commercial message from a global megabrand, the machine showed what was obviously a Windows operating system with a window labelled ā€œNiceHash Miner Legacyā€ ā€“ a Bitcoin mining program designed for older machines. According to pictures from the website that reported the compromised machine, the digital advertising display is mining with a hash-rate of zero....

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