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Bitcoin has been on a gradual decline, but one expert sees it as the calm before a huge rally. The world’s largest cryptocurrency dropped to reach close to the $8,000 mark for one token on Monday, around three months after it enjoyed peaks of over $17,000 and following a series of ad rule changes from social networks. Analysis suggests Bitcoin could be in store to reach peaks of $30,000 before the end of the year. The intervention comes at a cold time for Bitcoin, which has spent most of March wavering around the $9,000 mark. David Drake, chairman and founder...

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Ripple News Update As pessimism grows in the cryptocurrency market, weak hands continue to offload XRP to strong hands. What do I mean? Well, “strong hands” represent the smart money, the people who move one step ahead of the crowd. By comparison, “weak hands” represent those who buy at the peak of the market peak. They are the dumb money, for lack of a better term. Your brain might instinctively associate bull markets with strong hands. But don’t trust that instinct. It’s lying to you.   Sponsored Strong hands invest during bear markets, precisely because assets trade cheap. They hold...

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A wall street analyst has created his own Bitcoin ‘misery index’ that measures the amount of discontent amongst Bitcoin investors and even predicts a price rise. Thomas Lee, co founder of Fundstrat, is a wall street analyst and has focused his attention on creating tools to describe and predict the Bitcoin price. Thomas has created a misery index that quantifies the amount of discontent amongst Bitcoin investors and it is scaled between 0 and 100. The misery index is currently at 18.8 which is the lowest it has ever been since August 2011. The index has been backtracked so that it can be...

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Although Ripple prices are enmeshed in the market-wide cryptocurrency slump, shrewd investors might have noticed a positive signal buried amid the noise. What am I talking about? Well, there was a report that SWIFT, Ripple’s main rival, is talking up its efforts in distributed ledger technology (DLT). For the uninitiated, DLT is the core innovation underlying Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum…basically, all the cryptocurrencies in existence.   Sponsored Ripple wants to disrupt SWIFT by using these distributed ledger innovations. That’s why it is comical to see SWIFT claiming proficiency in DLT. It’s not their strong suit! The mere fact they are broadcasting their...

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