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The internet depends on content. Without videos, graphics, text, and even things like memes, the online world would be an entirely different place.   The people who create that content — video artists, writers, graphic designers and so on — are responsible for the main reason many of us visit the internet at all. They’re a crucial part of the web, but they aren’t rewarded nearly well enough for their efforts. That’s an issue for all sorts of reasons, and it’s frustrating for the people who can see a real market for their content but struggle to make a living...

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The leading giant in the IT Sector – IBM has declared that accordingly with 63 blockchain clients, the firm is working on 400 projects that are supported on the technology. Names like Visa, Nestle, HSBC, Walmart and more are in the list of clients out of which 14 are concentrated on food tracking and global payments out of a total of 25 that are targeting the global trade in general – according to a report from Business Insider.   Sponsored   IBM Chief Financial Officer – Jim Kavanaugh, in the beginning of the year stated: For us, blockchain is a set of...

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The application of US retail giant Walmart to patent its “Smart Package” system has been released by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, March 1, Fintech Finance reports. Walmart’s “Smart Package” patent employs a Blockchain-based tool to track package contents, environmental conditions, location, and other details. The device described in the application is intended to be used in new technologies like autonomous vehicles and unmanned drones. According to the application, Blockchain will record the "key addresses along the chain” such as “seller private key address, a courier private key address, and a buyer private key address." In the patent application, Walmart noted the need to...

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Innovations in technology have always resulted in changes in the way art is created and presented. Woven canvas resulted in mobile paintings, photography allowed for abstract compositions, electric light brought new ideas in color theory and now Blockchain technology is inspiring digital works. Art and technological innovation are inseparable As industry begins to implement Blockchain ledger technology to make business run more efficiently artists are examining the physical, monetary and theoretical aspects of art in the digital world. In December of 2017 Distributed Gallery launched what they called The Ready Made token. Hosted on the Ethereum network this unique unit of cryptocurrency advertised as being designed by...

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