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The @Bitcoin twitter scandal is back and at it again

The @Bitcoin twitter scandal is back and at it again

The official @Bitcoin handle suspension was likely caused by the outrage of Bitcoin Core supporters and has definitely resulted in advocators of Bitcoin Cash’s outrage. The vexing handle is back, this time armed with the question of who is controlling the account.


The tension and suspension around the @Bitcoin Twitter handle is a trending topic on the cryptosocials.

The handle is back again and, although not bigger than ever, it has a scandalous story attached to it.

The tussle between the original Bitcoin and the new flavor, Bitcoin Cash, began in the wake of the hard fork’s creation in August of last year and the most recent rope in their tug of war has been the official @Bitcoin twitter handle.

Bitcoin Core supporters cried foul when the thinking was that the user was being run by those involved in Bitcoin Cash – and their reasoning isn’t far off. With a number of unusually Bitcoin Core bashing and Bitcoin Cash promoting tweets, it’s not hard to see why bias might be suspected.



Since @Bitcoin’s most recent suspension, prominent Bitcoin Cash advocators have been up in arms. Roger Ver, the CEO of – the domain of Bitcoin Cash – has stated that he does not control the account but has started to shake the heat on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, crying free speech for the social media platform.

While Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts might not find the humor in the situation, Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee snapped to the occasion with blatant amusement.

Since the dishonorable suspension of the provocative account, random Twitter users have tried their luck by taking the handle and using it while the chance was there, but it has been returned back to its owner – and whether a Bitcoin Core or a Bitcoin Cash promoter is yet to be seen, although the tone of recent tweets implies that, once more, it might be the latter.


It seems as though the battle for the golden handle represents a lot more than just the Twitter account and only in time will we get a handle on what the extent of the tension is

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