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TRON Set To Sky Rocket Once Again

TRON Set To Sky Rocket Once Again

The unlikely superstar TRON is on yet another price drive, after a solid end to March, a slow first few days ensued in April, however today the currency has taken a very healthy jump upwards.

This really stands out considering that for another day, the majority of the market is red, in a slow decline back, regressing from the promising start to April that did suggest some signs of recovery.

At the time of writing this, TRON stands at $0.03 and is up almost 23%, a trend that does look to continue despite the troubles faced around the rest of the market.

Currencies like TRON can only succeed if they break free from the currents set by Bitcoin and Ethereum. The trends of the big currencies do have an impact on the bigger alt-coins, that’s naturally how markets work, but when situations like this occur, where the big ones are in decline and TRON is moving up, quickly, it tells the rest of the world that change is possible.

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Sadly, after a wealth of research there is not a lot of information around that leads to working out why TRON is doing so well today. Likewise, there’s no real justification for TRON’s performance at the end of March, I suppose it is just something that the public believe in and are sticking with, hence its rise in value and rise in popularity. This is promising though as it suggests that TRON is not reliant on hype and media exposure and that instead, it has set itself a more natural trajectory through the markets.



Do we think this is going to continue?

Well sure, it’s unlikely that TRON is going to jump up by 25% every day, especially considering overall, everything else is looking to be on a bit of a grim slope, however, even small climbs are much better than losses in value, again, especially considering that everything else seems to be crumbling around TRON.

If it does continue, and indeed, IF… then I would expect TRON to climb in small intervals, perhaps overall it’s value won’t change too much, but like I say, if everything else is moving downwards and TRON manages to maintain at best, it’s share and its popularity will grow and grow, eventually leading to a boom for the currency.

Otherwise, by being on the up for a few days, the currency has at least maintained some damage control, brushing off the threat of a big price decline much more effectively than its big rivals like Bitcoin.

Hopefully TRON can set the scene for the rest of the market over the coming days, we will have to wait and see.

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  • Chris

    Are you kidding me? A wealth of research and nothing going on?? How about main net test, coin burn and listing on major exchanges.

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