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Crypto Gem: Agrello (DLT)

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Crypto Gem: Agrello (DLT)

Crypto Gem Call — Agrello (DLT). Smart contracts for legal agreements run by AI. Possible Estonian government connections. Estonian government is very tech orientated as they even have an e-residency. Small supply. It can power the upcoming ILP time. ILP (Initial Loan Procurement) is a unique fundraising method that is jointly developed by blockhive and law firm Oblicity, with Agrello providing the tech for identity, loan contracts, and digital signature solution. ILP makes fundraising for businesses simpler, more comprehensive and legally sound, it allows projects to be funded in a way that participants benefit from the direct success of the company. This method of fundraising also has a potential for municipal entities to fund projects because it is done in the form of loans and on a global scale.

We really like the fundamentals. The chart is hard to do proper TA but it’s bullish. One of the indicators that makes us bullish is volume, we saw a much bigger spike then daily avg a few days ago. We’ve bought some on the ico and we’re holding it. Ico was a fail and price went to the oblivion after. The volume makes us think we will see good price action in the upcoming months so we will be looking to sell half of our holding at about 5x current price and leave the rest on cold storage.

This is a midterm/long term projection (x5) so some patience may be required. For long term it;s way more bullish: this coin can raise even 30x times in 2018, which would still be below 0.5 bln USD of marketcap! It’s all-time high was at 1.72 USD around Jan 11 2018.

Coin: Agrello (DLT)
Term: Mid to Long term
Buy up to price: 0.30 USD
Recommended exchange: Binance




Some time ago we recommended Agrello (DLT) as a coin that can revolutionize the market. We stressed out then that they would partner with Estonian start-up Blockhive that introduces a new way of raising funds in crypto space (and outside crypto). They are in league now. Get Agrello while it dipped hard like all alts, that’s a good chance now to grab something innovative. And here is some read about Blockhive and its ILP (Initial Loan Procurement):

As the original blockchain crowdfunding innovation known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) begins to encounter some resistance both for regulatory and functionality reasons, better ideas are coming up that offer improved assurance of investments. With the original ICO methods, investors are offered tokens, hence they become primarily detached from the parent businesses. This method has seen a lot of investors lose money due to tokens that eventually become overwhelmed by market forces.

Partnering with Agrello, Blockhive has introduced a more organized process which guarantees investor’s funds as long as the parent business thrives. Blockhive’s Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) serves as a safer method of crowdfunding which allows businesses to still raise funds from a global audience using blockchain technology. The difference this time is that these funds are in form of loans, thereby eliminating the numerous legal hassles faced by ICOs. Also, participants in Blockhive’s ILP will earn 20 percent of its total annual operating profit as dividend in a long term contract.

Agrello will be one of the sponsors of the Big Event for Crypto: CONSENSUS 2018 that takes place in New York, 14–16 May 2018.

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