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In recent times, the use of blockchains in governing supply chains has become quite prominent. This is primarily due to the fact that blockchains provide complete transparency between untrusted partners as well as a high level of traceability throughout the production process. Modum can be thought of as a blockchain-based supply chain system that integrates P2P networking with smart contracts and external sensors. As a result of this, Modem is able to provide users with an integrated solution that not only enhances data integrity across the entire supply chain but also allows for a high level of security. To elaborate further on the workings...

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Polymath┬áis a securities token platform┬áthat opens up the blockchain to legally compliant securities with lower transaction costs. Using blockchain and smart contract technologies, PolymathÔÇÖs unique Security Token Standard Protocol (ST-20) enables securities issuers to create tokens backed by traditional financial assets like private equity, stocks, commodities, VC funds, real estate, royalties, and insurance. Polymath is the first platform to enable truly legal ICOs in the form of securities tokens Polymath ÔÇô The Securities Token Platform The Polymath platform is a tool that allows financial companies to create and issue their own tokenized assets. At a high level, here are the...

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