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Welcome to this updated analysis on Ethereum! Let's get right to it! Looking at the four-hour chart, you can see that we're zoomed into the right shoulder of the large head and shoulders pattern on the chart. This is because we have an interesting development that is emerging right now. As you can see, ETH has rallied with the rest of the crypto space, and it is actually trading slightly above the neckline resistance (in red.) Now that we're back inside of the right shoulder, we could see a continuation into higher resistance levels, such as the 50 EMA (in orange) and then the...

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Key Points Bitcoin price is under heavy selling pressure as it tumbled below the $8,000 support against the US Dollar. There is a crucial contracting triangle forming with support at $7,400 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair may extend the current decline and it could even break the $7,400 and $7,000 support levels. Bitcoin price is poised to extend declines below $7,000 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD’s correction towards the $8,000 and $8,500 levels are likely to be capped. Bitcoin Price Bearish Trend There was hardly any relief for bitcoin price as it failed...

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IOTA broke down from a symmetrical triangle chart formation to signal that bearish pressure is picking up. The chart pattern spans 1.2000 to 2.6000 so the resulting selloff could be of the same height. The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to signal that the path of least resistance is to the upside. However, the gap is pretty narrow so a downward crossover could still ensue and draw more sellers in. Sponsored Stochastic is on the move down to show that selling pressure is present. RSI is also heading south but is dipping into oversold levels to indicate...

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With the price trading above the 3 Day Rolling Pivot Range (green/yellow dots) this is key support. We are in somewhat of a neutral zone with the price trading at the Daily Pivot Range low (blue dots) at the time of writing. Since we are below the Daily Pivot Range level then this is key resistance for today. Sponsored The Daily Pivot Moving Averages (red,yellow, white lines) are now pointed up, so this is a sign the market wants to turn bullish. You will want to look to buy on strength and enter a long position only if the market...

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The Verge/Ethereum (XVG/ETH) pair ignited its uptrend on December 16, 2017 when it closed above resistance of 0.00006. The breakout attracted momentum players which pushed the market’s price to as high as 0.0004192 on December 23. At this price level, the market was in extreme overbought territory. Momentum players exploited the chance to take profits. Sponsored As the market succumbed to selling pressure, it went as low as 0.000114 on December 25. Although the pair bounced, it only reached 0.000333 on December 31, which is a bearish lower high setup. This was a signal that the market was losing its...

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As of this writing, the trending phrase in the crypto sphere is “The entire crypto market is bleeding.” Obviously, the dip spells a drawback to many new investors. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to trade wisely. Learning how to study charts is one way to find the trends in the crypto market, leading to successful trading. Sponsored Why Study Charts? Even in a bloody market, investors believe that the crypto market will wake up from the slumber and the market cap of the digital assets will increase in value over time. With that mindset, many investors embark on the...

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The Ripple/Bitcoin (XRP/BTC) pair launched its bull run on December 21, 2017 when the market took out resistance at 0.00006. Its momentum was so powerful that it went as high as 0.00022888 on January 4, 2018. That’s an astronomical 281.47% growth in just two weeks. At this point, however, the market was in extreme overbought territory. Breakout players exploited the opportunity to take profits.    // -- Discuss and ask questions in our  Facebook Group As selling pressure mounted, the market buckled and went as low as 0.00008150 on January 16. With a lower high in place, the pair bounced and...

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The district0x/Bitcoin (DNT/BTC) market kick started its uptrend on December 31, 2017 when it broke out of a bullish reversal pattern at 0.000009. Its momentum was so strong that even though it was in oversold territory during the breakout, it continued to skyrocket. The market reached as high as 0.00002980 on January 6, 2018 before bears took over. In about a week, the DNT/BTC pair grew by an astounding 231%. // -- Discuss and ask questions in our  Facebook Group The market closed below 0.000024 on the same day as profit-taking became the theme. While the pair tried to claim 0.000024...

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The Agrello/Bitcoin (DLT/BTC) market ignited its bull run on December 31, 2017 after the market broke out of a bullish inverse head and shoulders pattern at 0.000035. The breakout was so strong that it went as high as 0.00013098 on January 11, 2018. The market grew by 274.23% in less than two weeks, which prompted breakout buyers to take profits. // -- Discuss and ask questions in our  Facebook Group Faced with heavy selling pressure, the market retreated to as low as 0.00004505 on January 16. While the pair bounced and reached 0.000088 on January 20, sellers quickly exploited the...

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