I If you are working individual who is not able to follow markets whole day & want a system which can take care of your portfolio while your busy with important things in life - look no further. 3 commas at a very cheap cost gives you a system which provides the following :-
- SMART TRADING SYSTEM How many times you think wish I was awake when the peak had reached or put the right stop loss ?3commas takes care of that if you had provided inputs for trade entry/exit .
- AUTO TRADING BOT A bot which can scalp for you whole day & makes money ( short , long both options available) .It is virtually impossible to catch short positions manually without a bot on exchanges like binance.
- PORTFOLIO BALANCER Look at other successful trader's portfolio  and balance your holdings! Leave the hardwork to them.

I would recommend 3 commas but if you are on of those who like to do their own TA settings , then go for crypto hopper.
Click on the links below for both the bots ! You can also shoot us questions if you like at . As crypto experts ,we would help you as best we can with our knowledge .

                                                                   LEVERAGED TRADING

H How many of you have heard about BITMEX ? Well it is the largest bitcoin futures trading platform in the world in terms of volumes where you can leverage to the ratio of 1:100 . It has access to trading features which no exchange in the world has , for eg ability to put stop loss and take profit on a single trade with 2 stop orders , most exchanges will allow only one stop order  means if you put stop loss you wont be able to put take profit and vice versa . BITMEX is an advanced platform and requires practice and good trading skills . Visit the link below to register for BITMEX .
If you are looking for a simple alternative to BITMEX , then go for DERIBIT. It has lower volumes than bitmex though .
But you can also trade options ( only exchange with this facility in the world ) and it gives 1:50 leverage. It has a cool iphone app also. 
Visit both these websites to learn more about leveraged trading !



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